"The Jakelians, for one, welcomed their new Mandalorian overlords, as did knots of worlds populated by humans centered on Concord Dawn and Gargon. Those worlds—along with the likes of Hrthging, Breshig, Shogun, and Ordo—became part of Mandalorian Space."
―"Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul"[src]

"Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul" was the name of the speech historian Vilnau Teupt gave as the keynote speaker of the four-hundred-twelfth Proceedings of Galactic Anthropology and History at Brentaal Academy. Presented in the year 24 ABY on the planet Brentaal, Teupt attempted to concisely recount several centuries of Mandalorian history and culture for the attending audience, from as far back as the founding of the Mandalorian Crusaders by the ancient Taung and the establishment of Mandalorian space, noting the religious and cultural changes that occurred throughout the Mandalorians' storied existence.[1]

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Vilnau Teupt's speech, "Industry, Honor, Savagery: Shaping the Mandalorian Soul," first appeared in Star Wars canon in the reference book entitled The Essential Guide to Warfare. Authored by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart, and published on April 3, 2012, an excerpt of the speech served as an in-universe medium for the reference book's section pertaining to Mandalorian history and culture.


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