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"That bet I made on you dying—I bet the ship. You didn't die. If you just died I'd not be in this mess!"
Vilmarh Grahrk to Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, on why he'd temporarily lost ownership of the Inferno[src]

The Inferno was a custom-built personal starship owned by the Devaronian smuggler Vilmarh Grahrk.



The Inferno was designated as a "Villie Special" Big Wing, whose design resembled a rust-colored gackle bat. It had a narrow cockpit near the rear of the vehicle between a pair of long wings with a sleek ion engine in the middle of each. The starship's narrow framework presented a small target for most pursuers.

In fitting with the ship's use as a smuggler's vessel, her weapons were all retractable to keep its profile as low as possible. Three hidden laser cannons in each wing (for a total of six) and an ion cannon on the ship's underbelly provided some limited offensive power though Villie relied more on the Inferno's speed, maneuverability and powerful deflector shields to evade capture. The vessel's hyperdrive unit, which was considered state-of-the-art prior to the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, never achieved its former glory following an incident with a trio of pit droids much to the chagrin of Villie who was forced to make frequent repairs.

The Inferno was also equipped with a powerful full-color holoprojector which allowed Vilmarh to receive and send messages across the galaxy. A tractor beam projector was used by Villie to capture small cargo modules, starship compartments and other stellar debris. The Inferno was also equipped with an escape pod.

NT 600[]

"I hardwired [her] into ship to act as co-pilot. Sadly, also has ethics circuits which are useless and most aggravating..."
Vilmarh Grahrk referring to NT 600[src]

NT 600's small probe.

An essential component of the Inferno was the astronavigation droid NT 600, which Villie had nicknamed NT. The droid was hardwired into the starship's systems and served as Grahrk's co-pilot during flight and also provided constant assistance.

NT was programmed with a detailed ethics system which may have made it the most distinctive part of the ship, as it served as the immoral Villie's conscience—much to the Devaronian's annoyance, who had tried more than once over the years to shut down NT's ethics circuits (unsuccessfully, due to his inability to even find them).

NT also controlled a small probe droid for inspecting the Inferno, scanning passengers and cargo and secretly monitoring Villie. The probe droid was also able to leave the vessel, albeit with a limited range.

Operational history[]

Grahrk's ship lands on Yinchorr.

The Inferno along with Villie and NT undertook many adventures across the galaxy, including helping the Jedi Master Quinlan Vos to recover his memories and escorting Princess Foolookoola and her assistant Naradan D'ulin to Dur Sabon.

She also fought in the Battle of Kashyyyk, during which time, Grahrk's Wookiee friend Chak served as co-pilot. During the battle, the Inferno was shot down by a droid gunship.

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