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During the First Order-Resistance War, Resistance members Kazuda Xiono, Neeku Vozo and CB-23 infiltrated the First Order supertanker fuel depot Titan to steal a trans-binary deflector for the supertanker fuel depot Colossus. The unexpected presence of former Colossus residents turned First Order cadets Tamara Ryvora and Jace Rucklin, as well as Commander Pyre, former commander of the Colossus occupation garrison, posed a complication, as all three knew who Xiono and Vozo were and would recognize them. In addition, the Titan was hosting an important meeting attended by General Armitage Hux at the time. Xiono and Vozo eventually succeeded in their mission with the covert assistance of Ryvora, who was beginning to question her decision to join the First Order.[2]


Prior to the First Order-Resistance War, the First Order occupied the Colossus under the pretext of protecting the supertanker fuel depot from pirates.[5] Following the Hosnian Cataclysm, the Colossus resistance led by Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono led a successful uprising against the First Order and brought the station into space.[6] In response, the First Order launched a hunt for the station, seeking to destroy it because they knew it was a valuable resource to General Leia Organa and had to prevent Xiono from bringing it to her.[7]

The Colossus escaped First Order forces and operatives on several occasions including the BB-series astromech droid MB-13A,[7] the undercover spy Nenavakasa Nalor,[8] and the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the Thunderer, in the Ileenium system[9] and near a signal beacon.[10] In addition, the Colossus escaped the Hutt hotel and casino magnate Vranki[11] and the Guavian Death Gang.[1]

The mission[]

Behind enemy lines[]

With the Colossus' trans-binary deflector breaking down, Xiono, the Nikto mechanic Neeku Vozo, and the BB-series astromech droid CB-23 embarked on a mission to steal one from the Titan, a supertanker fuel depot of the same model that was controlled by the First Order. They infiltrated the station disguised as First Order technicians. Their mission coincided with a conference of senior First Order officers including Commander Pyre and General Armitage Hux who was sent by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren to get an update on the First Order's stock of refueling stations and hunt for the Resistance cells. In addition, the First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadets Tamara Ryvora and Jace Rucklin were dispatched on an escort and supply run mission to the Titan due to their familiarity with such space stations by their flight instructor and squadron leader Lieutenant Galek.[2]

Kaz narrowly crossed paths with Tam and Rucklin, the former of whom recognized him but did not report his presence. To find a working port, Kaz and his team traveled through the cargo bay. However, Kaz was dragooned by General Hux and his stormtroopers into ushering them to the tower conference room. The First Order forces on the Titan were unfamiliar with the station so the technician Kaz was enlisted for that task. Kaz managed to escort Hux to the conference room and narrowly avoided blowing his cover when Hux made a flippant remark about destroying space stations that didn't have their standards brought to bear and prove useful to the First Order.[2]

Neeku and CB-23 managed to find a port for CB to plug in. They were questioned by inquisitive stormtroopers but Kaz managed to convince them they were genuine technicians. Kaz and CB learnt that the trans-binary deflector was located in the hyperdrive chamber. While CB-23 stayed behind to man the controls, Kaz and Neeku headed to the hyperdrive chamber, dodging First Order forces on the way. They eventually found the chamber and proceeded to reroute power from the terminal. However, they were stopped by Rucklin, who had noticed their presence.[2]

The heist and escape[]

Rejecting the Colossus in favor of the First Order, Rucklin locked Kaz and Neeku inside the hyperdrive chamber and alerted the First Order. Determined to proceed with their mission, Kaz under Neeku's guidance managed to remove the trans-binary deflector. However, they found the blast door unsealed. After learning about the presence of Resistance infiltrators, Tam used a computer to unlock the blast doors, allowing Kaz and Neeku to escape.[2]

When stormtrooper reinforcements arrived, Tam led them in the wrong direction. Kaz and Neeku soon encountered two stormtroopers in the corridor but Kaz managed to stun them. Reaching Sector 1305, Kaz managed to get CB-23 to remotely unlock the blast door. While the astromech droid was doing it, the two were confronted by General Hux, Commander Pyre, and two stormtroopers. Before the First Order could apprehend them, CB-23 managed to unlock the blast door, allowing them to retreat into a corridor, and then resealing it.[2]

Reaching the hangar, Kaz got CB-23 to transport them using a crane to avoid First Order patrols. However, CB-23 was attacked by two First Order astromech droids, causing the crane to lose control. Kaz and Neeku managed to escape falling crates and boarded their Atmospheric Assault Lander. They were joined by CB-23 who managed to escape the astromech droids. The three then fled the hangar. Despite being pursued by First Order TIE fighters, they managed to escape into space.[2]


The Colossus Resistance succeeded in stealing the trans-binary deflector from the First Order, protecting the Colossus and its inhabitants from cosmic radiation. General Hux was furious with Commander Pyre for his security forces' failure to capture the thieves and reiterated the Stormtrooper Commander's orders for the Colossus to be destroyed. Though Tam managed to conceal her role in assisting the Resistance from Rucklin, Pyre's partner First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny believed that they could use Tam's feelings for her friends to bring about the Colossus' destruction.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Infiltration of the Titan first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season Two episode "Station to Station," which premiered on Disney XD on December 15, 2019.



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