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"You have been designed for this mission, to be the ultimate infiltration units."
General Grievous[src]

The Infiltrator/Demolition droid (I/D droid) was a model of transforming droid that the Confederacy of Independent Systems used during the Clone Wars.


A demolition droid in its sweeper droid form

Grievous's demolition droids had three mechanical forms to transform among. To infiltrate a target, they initially appeared as sweeper/maintenance droids. Once past an installation's outer defenses, they morphed into large, heavily armed, and blaster-resistant battle droids to secure a demolition point. Finally, they would go to another demolition droid in sweeper form and combine themselves to make a bomb to complete their mission. They appeared to have two models: one featuring vertical photoreceptors and three secondary photoreceptors, and the other model featuring horizontal photoreceptors with two extra photoreceptors. This distinction only appeared when the droids were in battle-droid form. Their armor color also varied: some droids were green, others were orange. One of each of the two models was used in the creation of the bomb form. They also had communication capabilities, and their main photoreceptor doubled as a holoprojector. The transforming demolition droids had stenciled on their domes "CSD," for "Coruscant Sanitation Department."


Two demolition droids in their explosive bomb form

Around 21 BBY,[2] Count Dooku ordered General Grievous to destroy a critical Coruscant power generator utilizing six covert demolition droids. Dooku's impetus was to thwart the negotiatory efforts of peace-minded Senators in both the Republic Senate and Separatist Parliament, as well as to ensure the warmongering deregulation of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Grievous sent the six demolition droids, disguised as Coruscant Sanitation Department cleaning droids, to Coruscant. As the Galactic Senate debated the deregulation of the Banking Clan, the droids infiltrated and destroyed a critical power generator hub, plunging a section of the ecumenopolis into chaotic darkness. The immediate fear that resulted pushed the bills of banking deregulation into law.[3]

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