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The Infinity Gate was an ancient network of structures developed by the saurian Kwa species of Dathomir during the Pre-Republic era. They enabled instantaneous interstellar travel between far-flung locations and could also be used as a superweapon.


A group of Kwa outside a Star Temple

Through what the Kwa called the "power of the cosmos," the Infinity Gates were able to transport them across the galaxy or project devastating Infinity Waves. The Gates were accessed from a Star Chamber, within massive pyramidal structures known as the Star Temples.[4]

The Star Temples and its associated buildings contained traps which protected the Chambers from intruders. Inside the Star Chamber was a "realm of infinity," a pocket dimension that housed the central control station which was used to control the "power of infinity."[4]


During the Pre-Republic era, the Kwa constructed the Infinity Gates, their design influenced by a Celestial principle. The Infinity Gates enabled the Kwa to colonize other worlds within their region of space. However, their expansion brought them into conflict with the Gree Enclave, which had developed similar devices known as hypergates.[5]

As the Kwa waned in power across the galaxy, they sealed the Infinity Gates and the Star Temples and set guardians to protect the realm of infinity—whuffa worms with thick hides and impressive speed. Following their extermination by the Rakatan Infinite Empire and the conquest of Dathomir, the surviving Kwa devolved into the primitive and semi-sentient Kwi.[4]

In 31 BBY, the Nightsisters captured a local Star Temple and slaughtered many Kwi. The Nightsisters had intended to access the secrets of the Infinity Gate and use it to destroy Coruscant. However, their plot was thwarted by the Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos, who, in his role as Temple Guardian, redirected the deadly wave aimed at Coruscant back at the Infinity Gate. Only the scattered ruins of the Star Temples were left. The Kwi also disappeared into the deserts.[4]

In 12 ABY, Sigit Ranth investigated the Star Temple on Dathomir for the Imperial Remnant, but finding no remains of the Star Chamber, abandoned the project, while the Remnant instead concentrated on recruiting Nightsisters as part of Project Nightsaber.[6]


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