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Ingo was a backwater Mid Rim world in the Bortele sector.


It had little organized government and was the second of 16 planets in its system. It had two frigid polar continents and two continents covered by arid, salt flats and craters. The planet had no indigenous sentient species and was colonized by a hundred different species, including Humans. The inhabitants' existence was a constant struggle for survival due to Ingo's harsh climate forcing them to work hard to provide food and keep their equipment working.

Ingo was known for being the location of the Tertiary Ingo Riots. Vyn Narcassan secretly raised his daughters there. The gangster Tig Fromm maintained a secret base on Ingo where he developed the superweapon Trigon One. In 15 BBY, Zevel Hortine dumped R2-D2 and C-3PO on that planet where they were later found by the colonists Thall Joben and Jord Dusat.

Years later when C-3PO encountered the similar desert planet Tatooine, his survival history analysis subroutine brought up memories of Ingo, and provided little useful information.[3]



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