Innovations in Imperial Naval Tactics was a briefing pamphlet written by Captain Kendal Ozzel detailing some innovations for various Imperial Naval strategies that he came up with, which was later included in the official field guide for officers in the Imperial Military, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide. The three innovations he had written in included:

1. Surprise, which involved emerging from hyperspace right on top of the enemy, and thus leave them unable to counter any offensive moves. According to Ozzel, the Imperial navigators were capable of pinpoint calculations, thus eliminating the risk of overshooting any targets;

2. Pursue, meaning chasing after any fleeing enemies. Ozzel claimed that the Star Destroyers were speedy at sublight settings, allowing them to outrun any smuggling junkers;

3. Overwhelm, or having all of the Imperial naval forces at once on an enemy, which would allegedly make up for any loss of maneuverability with combined firepower.

Han Solo, when reviewing the section, found the "innovations" to be so poorly thought out that he felt he couldn't mock the innovations or Ozzel due to it being far too easy to do so.


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