Admiral Inos Fonada was a male Imperial officer who, prior to the Battle of Yavin, was under the observation of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who inserted a spy in the admiral's command chain.


Following Tarkin's death, the spy, Sandrex Olotho, became Fonada's eyes and ears in the field. Fonada became a warlord commanding a fleet in the Outer Rim Territories following the Battle of Endor, engaging in a hit-and-run campaign against the New Republic's shipping concerns. In the months preceding the Thrawn crisis, Fonada and his fleet, mostly composed of scavenged Imperial vessels, promptly abandoned their bases in the Vatha sector and disappeared down the Corellian Trade Spine, which was later reported to the New Republic. It wouldn't be revealed until a few months after the Thrawn crisis that the New Republic would learn the circumstances of why it happened, when dealing with the reborn Emperor's forces.[1]


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