This article is about the Inquisition of the Pius Dea-controlled Galactic Republic. You may be looking for the Inquisition of the Great Sith War.

The Inquisitions were special religious courts or tribunals held by the Pius Dea-controlled Galactic Republic during the 11,100s BBY. They were used to identify elements regarded as impure including heretics and apostates who were tried and executed in mass trials. Dissidents categorized as Proscribed were stripped of civil liberties, had their assets nationalized by the state, and their social mobility was severely limited. The Pius Dea sect also assigned commissars to Republic military units to root out opponents of the Pius Dea.

The Inquisitions were confined to the Colonies and Core Worlds, the core territories of the Republic. These developments led the Caamasi to successful persuade the Jedi Order to abandon their centuries-long Recusal and confront the Pius Dea. The Jedi collaborated with the Caamasi and Alsakani to spread a heresy among the Pius Dea church which developed into the Renunciate movement by 10,967 BBY. This anti-Pius Dea coalition which grew to include the Hutts, Herglics, and Duros planned to take over the Republic and Galactic Senate and remove the Pius Dea Supreme Chancellor; goals which were accomplished during the Seventh Alsakan Conflict.


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