Inquisitor was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer used by Grand General Malcor Brashin as his personal starship.

History[edit | edit source]

The Inquisitor boarded the Seldom Different with a shuttle around 3 BBY. Lieutenant Taggert led the boarding team.

The ship served as home to Brenn Tantor as he underwent officer training in 0 BBY. Shuttling both the young officer and Brashin across the galaxy to trouble spots, it provided an orbital base of operations for many ground battles.

Inquisitor was specially equipped to fill its role as the mobile command center of the Grand General. A noted technology aficionado, he had it equipped with a Battlefield Holographic Control Interface and loaded with unusual ground units such as AT-PTs and TR-SDs and a large array of complete prefabricated garrison buildings.

When Tantor defected to the Rebel Alliance in 3 ABY, Brashin tracked him to Trasse, where he was attempting to steal an All Terrain Armored Transport.

Inquisitor appeared in the system as Tantor prepared to extract the walker. Inquisitor moved into position to cut off Tantor's escape, but was disabled when Tantor captured a planetary ion cannon and fired upon the Star Destroyer. Inquisitor was last seen drifting in the Trasse asteroid field as Tantor made his escape, but Brashin at least escaped the incident.

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