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"There are insects everywhere, here. They're brilliant. Other than all the biting and the stinging. That's a bit annoying."
Milo Graf[src]
Thune fly insects

Garazeb Orrelios being attacked by a swarm of fly insects on Thune

Insects (also called bugs)[1] were a class of arthropods[2] exemplified by the can-cell,[3] Thunian wart-hornet,[1] rot-wing,[4] and Vashkan apidactyl species.[5] They were characterized by a segmented body[6] with six limbs.[7] Other possible characteristics included wings, compound eyes, and probosces. At least some insects fed off the watery fluid circulating through plants.[8]

In certain species, bites or stings could occur when an insect became agitated and sought to defend itself through natural defense mechanisms.[8] In some case, said bites or stingings were mere annoyances,[1] but in others, they could be lethal.[5]

Species with features reminiscent of insects were referred to as "insectoid",[9] "insect-like,"[10] or "insectile".[11] Such species included the Geonosians,[9] the Culisetto,[12] the Melitto,[11] the lyleks, and the gutkurrs.[13]

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