Insider Looks Back was an article in Star Wars Insider 150, part of the magazine's celebration of reaching 150 issues. It looked back at the past issues of Star Wars Insider, chronicling ten major events that happened during the magazine's publication.


  1. Heir to the Empire is Released (May 1991)
  2. Dark Empire Kicks Off Dark Horse Comics Era (December 1991)
  3. Darth Vader Confronts the Energizer Bunny (1994)
  4. Hasbro Unveils "The Power of the Force" Toy Line (July 1995)
  5. The Special Editions Hit Theaters (January-March 1997)
  6. Fans Gather for Celebration I (April 1999)
  7. The Prequel Era Begins (May 1999)
  8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is Released (July 2003)
  9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Begins (August 2008)
  10. Lucasfilm Unveils the Sequel Trilogy (October 2012)

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