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Tan Divo was a police inspector on Coruscant during the Clone Wars

"After all, I'm the inspector, you're the Senator, so I'll handle the inspecting, and you can stick to the… the Senating."
―Tan Divo, to Padmé Amidala[src]

Inspector was a rank or title given to individuals who worked for civilian police agencies. Often they were responsible for solving crimes and bringing the perpetrators in so that they could face justice, sometimes having to cross vast stretches of the galaxy to do so. Hal Horn was an inspector for the Corellian Security Force up until his death at the hands of Bossk. Lorz Geptun was an inspector for the Judicial Service. In the Coruscant Security Force, if police officers were of a higher rank than Detective, they would be referred to by both their rank and as an inspector as in the case of Lieutenant Tan Divo.

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A CorSec inspector.

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