"Lord Vader. I'm not a sycophant, traitor or—worst of all—an incompetent like Oon-ai. I'm a professional investigator."
―Inspector Thanoth, to Darth Vader[src]

The Inspectorate was an inspective agency within the Galactic Empire. Inspector Thanoth served in the Inspectorate[1] during the time in which he was adjutant to Darth Vader, right up until his death at Vader's hand after he uncovered the Sith's plans to overthrow the Emperor.[3] Disgraced Imperial Lieutenant Magna Tolvan was named as Thanoth's legatee, and she was subsequently reassigned to the agency's Coruscant HQ with the rank of Lieutenant-Inspector[1] before she later became Captain-Inspector following the infiltration of Hivebase-1.[2]

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