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"Long live the banks!"
―Sheev Palpatine[src]

The InterGalactic Banking Clan (IGBC), also known simply as the Galactic Banking Clan or as the Banking Clan, was one of the most influential commerce guilds during the waning days of the Galactic Republic and the most important organization in the Outer Rim.[14] It was governed by the Core Five from the Main Vault located on the Outer Rim world Scipio.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

"I believe in the banks. The system works. The Muuns aren't bad people. It's just a dishonest few who are destroying everything for their own gain."
―Rush Clovis[src]

During the time after the fall of the Old Republic and rise of the Galactic Republic, the settlers of the world of Eriadu lacked the funds needed for mining, processing, and shipping lommite ore, so they were forced to get high-interest loans from the Banking Clan. However, hyperspace travel from their location to the Core Worlds required use of hyperwave beacons and reversions to realspace, meaning ore shipments were often delayed or lost. Until entrepreneurs from the Core planet of Corulag intervened, Eriadu risked becoming a client world to the bankers because of their growing debts.[15]

Since it left the aurodium standard, the Republic partnered with major banks, including the Banking Clan, to keep a credit reserve. This was to ensure the Republic's money stayed stable.[4] During the Clone Wars, the organization joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and its chairman, San Hill, was given a place on the Separatist Council.[12] However, the Banking Clan continued to conduct business with the Republic during the conflict, though at exorbitant interest rates,[7] and accordingly was seen as a neutral party.[2]

As a result of their alliance with the Separatists,[16] the Banking Clan was at the verge of bankruptcy as the Clone Wars neared its close. After Senator Padmé Amidala travelled to Scipio to secure aid for civilians displaced by the war, she was informed of a scheme by the Core Five to steal from each bank account, learning of the plot from an old romantic partner, Senator Rush Clovis.[2] After Amidala was able to recover the evidence and return it to Coruscant, Clovis was then chosen to be the next head of the banks. Because he was only able to reach the position with help from Count Dooku,[16] Clovis was forced to raise rates on the Republic and respect a Separatist military presence on Scipio. The Republic then countered with an invasion of Scipio, bringing the banks into the control of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.[3]

Despite Republic control of the banks,[3] San Hill[17] and the Muunilinst Banking Clan[source?] continued to support the Confederacy[17] and became entrenched on their stronghold of Mygeeto.[5]

The Banking Clan survived the Clone Wars, and the Clan's Muun Vice Chairman, Anolo, resided on Mygeeto under the reign of the Galactic Empire.[18]

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According to Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group, Muunilinst was a "colony" of the Banking Clan.[19]

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