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These InterGalactic Banking Clan's gun platforms constituted the space defense of the IGBC's home planet of Muunilinst[2] and other worlds.[3]



A gun platform is pummeled by three Acclamators.

Their green hulls protected an array of hangars and gun-positions, and they were mostly crewed by droids. Squadrons of Nantex-class starfighters, modified for droid pilots, could be launched at a moment's notice, hitting any would-be attackers in massive swarms.[2]


These gun platforms did battle with the Galactic Republic's invasion force during the Battle of Muunilinst, falling to concentrated fire from Acclamator-class assault ships.[1]

One platform was even blown up from the inside, when Anakin Skywalker piloted his modified starfighter through an open hangarbay, trailing a swarm of concussion missiles after him, which subsequently hit any objects close by.[1]

During the time of the New Order, one gun platform was placed planet-side and became a docking station at Vlemoth Port.[3]

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These Intergalactic Banking Clan Gun platforms share and aesthetic design with the heads of the IG-series droids that the banking clan used during the war. This includes the cylindrical shape and multiple red "eye" lights. However, their manufacturer has been left unconfirmed.


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