"Interference" is a short story written by John Jackson Miller. It was originally published on Star Wars Hyperspace on September 29, 2008.

On October 1, 2012, it was republished on Suvudu, a subsidiary website of Random House publishing.


"I don't understand them. And I don't think they understand us."
Koblus Sornell[src]

After hacking into the Mandalorian's Neo Helmet Z-band, self proclaimed Captain Goodvalor begins to broadcast messages from a ship called the Serroco directly into the Mandalorian armies helmets, partcularily the forces on Taris, in an attempt to disassauge them from fighting in the Mandalorian army and against the Republic. The Mandalorian leader Koblus Sornell broadcasts messages in response to Goodvalor's urging the Mandalorian soldiers to ignore the broadcast's but to keep their Z-band's on as most soldiers including Sornell find the messages highly irritating, however some Mandalorian soldiers do disconnect them and because Z-band is the main form of communication between the army, accidents occur as stated in Sornell's broadcasts.

Throughout the story Captain Goodvalor informs the Mandalorians listening that the Republic soldiers live in much better conditions than they do, and that Mandalorian forces don't stand a chance. He also claims that Mandalore is only fighting for selfish gain and risking the necks of his soldiers to do so. Throughout the course of the short story Goodvalor makes it clear that the planet Zongorlu, a planet Mandalorian invaders are preparing to invade, is a desolate place and that a great amount of Republic forces are waiting in orbit. However, when Mandalorian forces arrive they find abandoned ships in orbit as Sornell says in one of her broadcasts that there were a couple of old ships floating in orbit.

Upon invasion of Zongorlu, the Mandalorian forces find no armies and only non threatening creatures on the surface. After tracking a signal they find the broadcast station where, from the look of it, had been the station the Captain Goodvalor broadcasted from; even tracing tracks to an area where a small ship had recently left.

By the end, it seemed that Goodvalor had made of fool of himself, but rather, had managed to tempt some Mandalorian forces to forsake Mandalore and his armies. Goodvalor claimed to have been re-called to Coruscant along with his fleet explaining his absence on Zongorlu was so that he could work out a deal with the council to allow the Mandalorian soldiers to peacefully join the Republic. Sornell, however, didn't believe this and was confused at Goodvalors actions. Not understanding why he and his forces didn't want to fight.


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