Interrogation was a department within the Intentions branch of Alliance Intelligence. Charged with the questioning of captured prisoners, Interrogation maintained a fully-equipped laboratory with both the Alliance Fleet and the Alliance Headquarters. Each sector base also had at least one Interrogation officer as part of their staff.[1]

Interrogation officers did not employ the harsh methods used by Imperial interrogators; instead they used scanners, psychologists, undercover agents in holding cells, alien telepaths, truth drugs, and even the threat of violence to coerce their prisoners into talking. They were efficient and effective at drawing the information out of their charges.[1]

Interrogation officers were usually present at important diplomatic meetings, disguised as aides assigned to the Alliance Civil Government. These officers interpret body language and facial expressions to determine if the other members of the delegation were lying.[1]

Ejagga Pakkpekatt worked in the Interrogation section of Alliance Intelligence. There, he was assigned to the Alliance's most stubborn Imperial prisoners, where he used his Hortek telepathic abilities and intimidation skills to access information beyond standard interrogators.[2]


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