Interrogation was a branch of Imperial Intelligence's Analysis Bureau. Interrogation was the destination of all enemy agents captured by Imperial Intelligence. Unlike its Commission for the Preservation of the New Order counterpart, it was not bloodthirsty which resulted in it being less effective at cracking Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives. Interrogation took a different stance to COMPNOR with enemy agents; they believed that any information captured Rebel agents had been exposed to would be rendered useless by the Alliance as soon as possible, making any divulged information practically worthless. Preferring to play the longer game, Interrogation used psychological probes and neuroprogramming to create double agents which were almost undetectable without using highly specialized medical equipment.[1]

The Alliance became aware of this practice, and Interrogation modified their operations to compensate by releasing multiple captured operatives at a time, but only reprogramming a small number. This left the Alliance with the unwelcome situation of having to suspect or even refuse to take back all, some, or none of the captives. The situation created a loss of morale across affected Rebel bases. Another method was to take a reprogrammed agent, perform image surgery on them then have them rejoin the Alliance under a new identity. No agent infiltrated into the Alliance in this manner was discovered by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[1]


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