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An interrogation chair, or torture chair, was a torture device used to extract information from prisoners. The devices was once used by the Inquisitors of the Galactic Empire.[4] The First Order used a similar chair, one was located aboard the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer, was used by the dark warrior Kylo Ren on his captives, and it contained a number of devices that caused pain across a prisoner's body.[1] A similar chair was located aboard Starkiller Base.[3]

Kylo Ren used the chair on the Finalizer on the then-captive Poe Dameron, in order to interrogate him regarding the whereabouts of the map piece leading to Luke Skywalker's location. He later used the chair on Rey after bringing her to Starkiller Base in an attempt to interrogate her via the Force to locate Skywalker's location from her mind via her memories due to her seeing the map. However, this backfired on Ren when Rey ended up probing Ren in turn and learned his fear of his not being as strong as his grandfather and idol, the infamous Imperial enforcer Darth Vader. She then attempted to use a Mind trick on the stormtrooper tasked with guarding her, ultimately succeeding on the third try in not only having him leave the door open, but also loosening the restraints, allowing her an easy escape. Ren, upon discovering this, then proceeded to destroy the chair in a rage-induced tantrum, with two Stormtroopers clearing the area upon hearing the commotion.[3]

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Early rebellionEdit

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Kanan Jarrus in a interrogation chair.

During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, the Inquisitorius' Grand Inquisitor, used it to interrogate Spectres' leader and former Jedi Padawan, Kanan Jarrus. The chair was kept aboard Governor Wilhuff Tarkin's flagship, the ISD Sovereign.[5] The Grand Inquisitor used it brutally interrogate Kanan for information on his cell and their contact, Fulcrum. The chair, along with the Sovereign, were both lost at Mustafar.[8]

Lothal's governor, Arihnda Pryce, then demonstrated the chair's features to several of Skystrike Academy's cadets. Ria Talla, revealed to be Sabine Wren, was to be place into the chair for Pryce to interrogate. However, Sabine was to fight her way free and knocked Pryce into the chair where she was electrified by the chair's conduits.[4] Governor Pryce and the Seventh Fleet's commander, Grand Admiral Thrawn, then used one on Rebel Alliance General Hera Syndulla at the Imperial Complex on Lothal.[6]

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The interrogation chair used on Hera Syndulla in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Jedi Night" was a modification and slight redress of the interrogation rack used on Kanan Jarrus in the episode "Fire Across the Galaxy".[9]



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