Into the Heat of Battle is a mini four-part roleplaying game adventure that appears in Instant Adventures, published by West End Games in December 1996.

Plot summary[]

A group of spacers have become victims of shipjackers and are ejected into their escape pod during a battle, crashing on a nearby planet.

They encounter a group of scout troopers but manage to escape and secure transportation.

Making their way through the jungle, they are confronted by Trunk Rippers.

After escaping, they notice an X-wing pilot get captured by Imperial troopers. The spacers manage to steal the Imperials' shuttle.


The adventure suggests that the X-wing character may be Kala Kevv.

The fourth adventure is only suggested in certain cases or if the players fail to secure the shuttle. At the suggestion of the X-wing pilot, they travel to the Imperial encampment and free the prisoners, as well as secure their own ship from the pirates.