The Intrepid was an Endurance-class fleet carrier of the New Republic Defense Fleet's Fifth Battle Group. Constructed at Hakassi in 16 ABY, Endurance was the first flagship of the newly constructed Fifth Fleet, and it was the command vessel of General Etahn A'baht, the fleet commander. Captain Morano was the actual captain of the starship, serving to direct general operations aboard the carrier, and the Fifth Fleet's intelligence, tactical, and starfighter operations officers (Colonels Mauit'ta, Corgan, and Gavin, respectively) had their offices aboard the Intrepid. The Intrepid also served as the command vessel for Task Force Copperleaf, the flag task force of the Fifth Fleet. Later, after the reinforcement of the Fifth Fleet by the Third Fleet and Fourth Fleet, Task Force Gemstone was merged into a joint task force with Copperleaf and it is presumed that Intrepid had organizational command over the joint Task Forces Copperleaf and Gemstone, although Commodore Mirx was the commander of the joint task force.

The first combat action of the Intrepid was during Operation Hammerblow, which was the live-fire inauguration exercise for the newly-constructed New Republic Fifth Fleet. During the Black Fleet Crisis, the carrier led the New Republic forces in the disastrous Battle of Doornik-319 and the final attack on N'zoth, the final battle of the war.

The Intrepid was believed to house two full starfighter wings, and these included the squadrons Fighter Red, Fighter Gold, Fighter Black, Interceptor Two, Interceptor Five, and Interceptor Eight.



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