"Inusagi is a planet rich in culture and arts. The Empire is pleased to bring this diverse planet under its wing. Inusagi's strong alliance with the Empire will prove that new beginnings under our beloved Emperor can lead to prosperity and happiness for all the galaxy's citizens."
Lieutenant Colonel Senjax[src]

Inusagi was a planet in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. Although it lacked key exports, Inusagi benefited through its proximity to wealthy planets, such as Naboo, the homeworld of Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine. For centuries, Inusagi was a neutral planet, but by the year 6 BBY, it became allied with the Galactic Empire after the chieftess of Inusagi was pressured into signing a treaty. Shortly after, the Empire used Inusagi's traditional sakoola blossom festival to announce a new planetary leader, Governor Cor Tophervin, a personal friend of the Emperor. However, given Inusagi's relation to Naboo, the anti-Imperial Arane Oreida saw the party as an opportunity to send a message to the Empire, and she hired Saw Gerrera to infiltrate the festival. With invitations forged by Jyn Erso, Gerrera and a group of Arane's partisans entered the festival in the chieftess's palace, and they massacred the guests, both Inusagian and Imperial.[1]

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Inusagi appears in Beth Revis' 2017 canon novel Rebel Rising.[1] Inusagi was Revis' favorite planet that she created for the novel.[2]


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