Invasion: Revelations 2 is the second issue of the Legends comic book miniseries Star Wars: Invasion: Revelations. It was written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Colin Wilson and Wes Dzioba, and first published by Dark Horse Comics on August 10, 2011.

Publisher's summary[]

Kaye and Nina Galfridian have been on the frontlines of the Yuuzhan Vong war, gathering refugees from home planet, and others, along the way. Now, as they prepare to reunite the refugees with their families at a safe haven, an attack on their ship comes from a most unexpected quarter!

Plot summary[]

Recovering from their costly victory over the Yuuzhan Vong
invaders on the planet Dibrook, Nina and Kaye Galfridian
turned their attention toward finding a new home for the
refugees aboard the captured Yuuzhan Vong slave ship Heart
of Artorias.

But their victory, and especially Nina herself, have attracted
the interest of the Yuuzhan Vong leadership, whose Shapers
are already working on a weapon to use against Jedi—like
Nina's stepson Finn.

Meanwhile, having allied himself with a half-mad former
Jedi named Dray, Finn Galfridian has infiltrated the Royal
Palace on Coruscant to warn of an assassination plot against
Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya—a warning that has not been
heeded, and which has put Finn's life on the line…



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