During the conflict between the Hutt species and the self-declared Tionese Daritha Xim, the Hutts reconquered the planet Moralan during the invasion of Moralan after the Moralan species who lived there freed themselves from Hutt slavery. Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu led the Hutt forces to victory in the battle, and the Moralan's homeworld was sterilized as punishment, leading to the extinction of the native species.


Tionese forces from the Tion Hegemony of the self-declared Daritha—an old title used by the Rakata species meaning emperorXim entered the Moralan system during the conflict between the Hutt Empire of Hutt Space and the Tionese[1] in the period between 25,102 BBY and 25,096 BBY.[3] While in the system, they encouraged the native Moralan species, who lived on the planet of the same name, to free themselves from their slavery to the Hutts.[1] The Moralan did so and formed a republic[3] led by the Parliament of Moralan.[2] After the Second Battle of Vontor, in which Xim's forces lost to the Hutts on the planet Vontor, the Tionese withdrew from the Moralan system, leaving the Moralan alone to face their former masters.[1]

The battle[]

With the Tionese gone, the Hutts returned to the Moralan system[1] led by a Hutt named Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu. The Hutt forces fought for three days against the forces of the Parliament of Moralan[2] during the invasion of Moralan[4] eventually emerging victorious over the Moralan.[2]


As punishment for the natives' rebellion, the Moralan homeworld was sterilized[1] and the species driven to extinction.[3] Boonta went on to be given control of the Hutt forces against Xim at the Third Battle of Vontor, partially due to his victory at Moralan, and at the battle he defeated Xim for the final time as the despot was captured by the Hutts.[1] Boonta's victory against the Moralan was later celebrated with a holiday named after him—Boonta's Eve, which lasted three days, just as the battle had.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The invasion of Moralan was first mentioned in an article by Rich Handley and Abel G. Peña regarding the Star Wars: Droids television series in the 170th issue of the Polyhedron roleplaying magazine, released in June 2004.[2]


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