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Launched at some point between 21 BBY and 19 BBY, the invasion of Saleucami was a massive invasion of the Outer Rim planet Saleucami launched by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars against the Galactic Republic. The planet had previously been the site of a battle between the two factions in 21 BBY, but the Confederacy, and the war itself, returned to Saleucami after the Separatists realized the world could be useful as a trans-shipment point for the Salin Corridor hyperspace route. With the world under the control of its enemy, the Republic later responded with a Siege of Saleucami during the Outer Rim Sieges.


"So… I see the war has finally made its way out here…"
Farmer Cut Lawquane notes that the Clone Wars have come to Saleucami[src]

Saleucami's peaceful existence ended when it became a major site of the Clone Wars.

Despite being a quiet planet in the Outer Rim Territories, the world of Saleucami came to be of great importance in the Clone Wars between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Republic,[4] even though the settlers on Saleucami wanted to avoid the conflict. Although it would remain untouched through most of the war,[6] General Grievous, the Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies,[4] sought to take over[7] the backwater planet[4] in 21 BBY,[3] during a period which was still considered the early days of the war.[4] Shortly after Grievous's fleet arrived in the Saleucami system, the Republic Military—having been baited into a confrontation with Grievous after he captured Jedi General Eeth Koth—arrived as well, beginning a battle between Republic and Separatist forces above[7] and on the surface of the planet.[8]

Although Koth was rescued from Grievous's custody,[7] the cyborg general himself managed to escape.[8] Following that excitement, it seemed as though Saleucami would return to its peaceful status, but Separatist officers had other plans; with the Perlemian Trade Route becoming increasingly contested, Separatist convoys needed a safer hyperspace route to travel through, and Saleucami happened to be close to the regional Salin Corridor. As such, CIS commanders realized Saleucami could be useful as a stockpile for the material produced in the Foundry of the Confederacy.[4]

The invasion[]

After realizing Saleucami's usefulness as a potential trans-shipment point,[4] the Confederacy launched a massive invasion of the[5] Outer Rim world[4] at some point between 21 BBY and 19 BBY.[3] The invasion of Saleucami[1] brought widespread fighting to the planet.[2]


The once-peaceful planet of Saleucami became center of fighting after the Separatist invasion.

Escalating the fighting for the planet, the invasion of Saleucami brought the Clone Wars back to Saleucami.[5] Has Obitt, a Dressellian smuggler who had allied with the Republic, narrowly missed the invasion, but he later found himself in the middle of the sneak attack on Roche.[1] Sometime after the Separatists took control of Saleucami, the Republic, fearing the secrets the Separatist-controlled world held, besieged the world in the final months of the Clone Wars[4] during the Outer Rim Sieges campaign.[5] Like the Separatist invasion before it, Republic siege brought widespread conflict to the world.[2] Following the war, the Galactic Empire,[9] the state that the Republic had transformed into,[1] remained interested in Saleucami[9] and attempted to bring Imperial order to the previously peaceful planet.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The invasion of Saleucami was first mentioned in James Luceno's 2016 novel, Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel.[1]



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