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"The New Republic pressed its advantage and entered Moff Getelles's Antemeridian sector with two full fleets. Getelles was powerless to stop them, and the sector (allong with a huge chunk of neighboring space) became New Republic territory. Admiral Pellaeon, initially preoccupied with a protracted campaign against Adumar, eventually stopped his enemy from advancing into the heart of the Empire."
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The invasion of the Antemeridian sector occured in 13 ABY during the Galactic Civil War. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, Imperial Moff Tol Getelles still ruled the Antemeridian sector, in the Borderland Regions. Getelles tried to take control of the neighboring Meridian sector with support of the Loronar Corporation and former Senator Seti Ashgad by releasing the Death Seed plague. However, they were defeated by the Heroes of Yavin assisted by Natasi Daala during the Battle of Nam Chorios. In retaliation, the New Republic attacked the Antemeridian sector with two full fleets. Getelles's Imperial forces were unable to stop them, and the sector along with a huge part of neighboring space fall in New Republic territory. During those events, Admiral Pellaeon of the Imperial Remnant was involved in a campaign against Adumar. As the New Republic pushed through the Borderland Regions toward the border of Imperial Space, the Council of Moffs ordered Pellaeon to move his forces and engage the New Republic. Admiral Pellaeon would stop the New Republic advance,[1] despite being eventually defeated.[2]



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(13 ABY)

Antemeridian sector · Lucazec · Barison · Arda · Quell · Celanon

Restored Empire crisis – 13 ABY

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