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Investigations was a branch of the Imperial Security Bureau whose agent and officers had direct links to military forces pre-approved by both the local Moff or Grand Moff, and the Select Committee. Investigations officers could appropriate military assets when the need arose during the course of their duty to better counter legitimate Alliance to Restore the Republic threats. The majority of Investigations officers were taken from Surveillance, along with those personnel from the Department of Modification looking to use their talents in new ways. Investigations agents enjoyed a large amount of success employing military assets, forcing many Rebel bases on populated worlds to be evacuated. Only on backwater worlds, where convincing cover identities were rare, did they fail to take advantage of this connection.[1]

Investigations agents developed a grudging respect for the Alliance and their counterparts within its intelligence service. The struggle between Mar Barezz and Tay Vanis, and Huorne and Parl's efforts against Gial Ackbar, were well-known in intelligence circles, taking on legendary status.[1]



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