The Invids were a pirate group led by ex-Moff Leonia Tavira. They drew their name from their flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Invidious. While Tavira and the Invidious were the central figures of the organization, the main part of the group was composed of several smaller pirate groups that often operated independently but united for bigger targets or Tavira's goals. One of those groups was presumably the remains of Kavil's Corsairs, Tavira's earlier pirate group. Known Invid groups included the Khuiumin Survivors, Riistar's Raiders, the Blackstar Pirates, the Red Nova crew, the LazerLords, the Fastblast crew, and Shala the Hutt's gang. Pirates who were brought into the crew of the Invidious were known as "True Invids", and it was said that no one who joined the ship's crew could ever leave. The Invids also had the allegiance of several Jensaarai warriors.

The Invid ship Booty Full was ambushed by Rogue Squadron near Alakatha in the K'vath system. The Booty Full was attacking the Glitterstar, but was captured. During this battle, the Inivds fought with tri-fighter starfighters, known as Clutches, similar to those used in the Clone Wars.

After the kidnapping of Mirax Terrik Horn, Corran Horn was trained as a Jedi in Luke Skywalker's academy to gain the skills necessary to save her. He then infiltrated the Khuiumin Survivors on Courkrus, a planet in the Khuiumin system where most of the Invid-affiliated gangs were based. Under the alias of Jenos Idanian, he rose through the ranks of the Invids, to the point that he was actually second in command of the Survivors, and was able to make many of the smaller pirate groups flee by using their superstitious nature to make them think a "Ghost Jedi" was hunting them. His efforts included a spectacular display against Shala the Hutt, which ended with a fiery pillar and an image of a giant Jedi overshadowing the Hutt pirate's base.

Horn also discovered that Tavira commanded the allegiance of the Jensaarai by holding over them the threat of annihilation of their old and children by her Star Destroyer. Together with Luke Skywalker and, after the two freed Mirax, Horn was able to release the hold Tavira had over them and bring the Jensaarai and Jedi into a loose alliance.

The group disappeared with their leader and flagship to parts unknown in 11 ABY.

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