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"Other sections of the warship appear to have come from the Invincible."
"That was Separatist Admiral Trench's ship—destroyed during the Battle of Christophsis."
"Partially destroyed, in any case. The ship was modular in design, and the modules that survived must have been worth salvaging and putting on the open market."
―An Imperial technician and Moff Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The Invincible was a Providence-class dreadnought that belonged to the 2 kilometer long variant of the Providence, which served as the flagship of Separatist Admiral Trench, early in the Clone Wars. Trench commanded a Separatist blockade around the planet of Christophsis from aboard the Invincible during the Battle of Christophsis. The bow of the ship was painted to mimic Trench's Harch eyes, and both sides were adorned with Trench's personal symbol instead of the Separatist hex icon.

Though destroyed by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker using a stealth ship, the Invincible's modules were worth salvaging and, at some point, used to modify a Separatist dreadnought used to attack Sentinel Base five years after the inception of the Galactic Empire.[7]

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