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"Arm tracking torpedoes and fire on my command."
"But sir, we cannot fire unless we lower our shields."
"Lower shields and fire!"
"Lowering shields."
―Trench and TI-99, during the Battle of Christophsis[src]

The Invincible was a capital ship in the Confederate Navy. It served as the flagship of Confederate Admiral Trench.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Admiral Trench aboard the bridge of Invincible

The Invincible was a large Providence-class carrier/destroyer variant[2][5] that examplified the larger Separatist Dreadnought design.[4] The vessel had a bridge-section similar to the Munificent-class star frigate and Grievous's Recusant-class light destroyer.[1]

The ship possessed immense firepower with its numerous weapon emplacements. Among its armament were a tracking torpedo launcher and conventional turbolaser batteries (including quad turbolaser batteries) which were capable of laying down a deadly spread of fire.[1]

The ship was also defensively equipped with deflector shields and thermal shields which offered a powerful defense, allowing the vessel to emerge completely unaffected by hostile torpedoes. The shields negatively interacted with the tracking torpedo launcher, requiring the shields be lowered in order to launch tracking torpedoes seeking magnetic signatures.[1]

Like most vessels in the Separatist fleet, the ship wore a blue and white paint scheme; however the ship's paint scheme was customized to reflect its Harch commander. On the forward section of the ship, six blue and white markings resembling eyes were arranged in a semicircle with two larger "eyes" flanking four smaller ones, mimicking a set of Harch eyes. Additionally, the ship's side was emblazoned with Trench's symbol.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"Now! Raise the shields!"
"We cannot. The shields are still recharging."
―Trench and TI-99, during the Battle of Christophsis[src]

This ship which served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars was the flagship of the Admiral Trench. In 22 BBY, the vessel led a task force whose primary mission was to blockade the resource-rich world of Christophsis while a droid army under General Whorm Loathsom secured the planet's surface. The task force also provided air support in the form of Hyena-class bombers.[1]

When a Republic task force led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker attempted to get supplies to the besieged planet, Trench's ship spearheaded the blockade's defense, which caused damage to the Republic fleet and destroyed one of the supply ships it was escorting. With a sizable numerical advantage, the Separatist blockade held firm even with the Republic fleet being bolstered by the arrival of a Venator-class Star Destroyer under the command of High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, the Confederate flagship would soon be in a one-on-one battle with a new Republic ship that had been delivered by Kenobi: a small prototype stealth ship equipped with a cloaking device. Piloted by Skywalker, the stealth ship attempted to destroy Trench himself by targeting the bridge with a volley of torpedoes, but the Harch admiral quickly order the thermal shields to be raised, nullifying the attack.[1]

Invincible disabled by her own torpedos

Trench ordered a counterattack using heat-seeking tracking torpedoes, but the stealth ship evaded using decoy flares. This was followed by a wide spread of heavy turbolaser fire, which also missed. When the stealth ship made a second unsuccessful torpedo attack, Trench believed he had the stealth ship trapped; the stealth ship was forced to uncloak for each attack, allowing the capital ship's sensors (and thus its magnetic torpedoes) to track the stealth ship's magnetic signature, spelling doom for the stealth ship. However, to launch the torpedoes, the shields had to be lowered, playing directly into a trap planned by Skywalker.[1]

Allowing the torpedoes to track the ship, the Jedi piloted his ship directly by the bridge of the Separatist ship before the shields could recharge, allowing the torpedoes to slam into the bridge of the flagship, detonating on impact. The subsequent chain of explosions destroyed the bridge and ripped through the dorsal surface of the ship, rendering the ship inoperable. The destruction of the flagship caused disarray in the Separatist blockade, creating an opportunity for Kenobi to engage the blockade while Skywalker completed his original mercy mission.[1]

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