"This is Admiral Ackbar calling the Invincible Faith."
Admiral Ackbar calling on the Invincible Faith to join the Alliance Fleet in the Galaan system[src]

The Invincible Faith was a MC80 Star Cruiser in service to the Alliance to Restore the Republic prior to the Battle of Endor.


The Invincible Faith served as a Rebel Security cruiser prior to the Battle of Endor and intercepted a coded transmission from Moff Raythe to Imperial forces detailing their plans to trap the Alliance Fleet at Endor. While the rebels were tasked with decoding the transmission, Inferno Squad Commander Iden Versio allowed herself to be captured, and was brought on board the Invincible Faith in order to erase the transmission so that the Rebel Alliance could remain unaware of the Imperial plans. After an interrogation by the ship's captain, she relayed the activation code of her droid as it was about to be analyzed by a technician.[2]

The droid reached Versio's cell and freed her, and she reached the ship's communications center and erased the message. Deleting the message caused the Invincible Faith to enter alert status, resulting in Versio fighting her way to an airlock. After contacting the Corvus, she opened the airlock and launched into space, with the Corvus soon coming out of hyperspace and opening its hangar doors. Versio landed in the hangar, and the Corvus entered hyperspace just as the Invincible Faith opened fire.[2]

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