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"Freedon Nadd. for years I worshiped your name. For a lifetime I served the memory of your dark power. Now, in the name of my husband King Ommin, in the name of his ancestor Freedon Nadd, I call down the power of the dark side upon these foes!"
―Queen Amanoa, invoking the power of Freedon Nadd — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Invoke spirits was a dark-side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that summoned the spirit of a deceased darksider, usually to augment the requesting Sith magician with the deceased's power.


"I call upon the spirit of Freedon Nadd…May his dark power fill me now!"
―Amanoa — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Users of this ability would fully surrender themselves to the dark side of the Force, and summon a particular spirit. The caster then would request to be endowed with the power of the spirit, becoming filled with a palpable hatred that overwhelmed anyone in proximity. The potency of these rituals could be amplified, should the user be in the vicinity of the physical remains of the spirit whose power was solicited.[1]


During the last battle of the Beast Wars of Onderon, Queen Amanoa of Iziz exercised this ability against the armies of the Beast-Lord Modon Kira. Petitioning both the ancient spirit of the dead Sith Lord Freedon Nadd and the power of her living husband, Amanoa enveloped both the Jedi and the Beast Riders of Onderon in waves of utter darkness. Immediately the affected were weighed down by the dark side, experiencing feelings of total confusion and despair. Ulic Qel-Droma and the other Jedi were crushed by a great sense of oppression and fear, so strong it nearly snuffed out their own connections to the Force. It was not until the arrival of Jedi Master Arca Jeth that the power of Nadd's influence was lifted. Through Jeth's battle meditation, the Jedi's resolve was renewed along with the Beast Riders, who eventually overcame the dark-side warriors of Iziz. Afterward, when Master Jeth stormed the hidden Tomb of Freedon Nadd with Jedi and Beast Riders in tow, they found Amanoa there, drawing fully on the source of her power. However, in Jeth's presence the darkness could no longer endure; Amanoa's power waned as Freedon Nadd's influence was driven out by the light of the Jedi. In her daughter's arms, the Queen of Onderon joined her evil ancestors in death.[2]



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