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The Iokath civil war was a centuries-long conflict that took place on Iokath at some point during the Manderon Period.


The species that constructed Iokath, a massive sphere completely surrounding its star, was composed of scientists and engineers, who created weapons of mass destruction and perfected them through testing on unsuspecting worlds throughout Unknown Regions.[1] One of their greatest weapons was known as the Six Gods - massive titan battle droids designated Izax, Scyva, Tyth, Aivela, Esne, and Nahut - and was tested on four different planets, resulting in loss of over ten trillion lives in total.[2] Eventually, as typical for organic beings, a dispute erupted on Iokath when an act of sabotage ignited the pressurized gas in the pneumatic tram system and sparked a catastrophic explosion that killed thousands and leveled a nearby settlement. This attack sparked the Iokath Civil War that lasted for centuries[3] with both sides having access to multiple superweapons of mass destruction. In an attempt to save themselves, Iokath engineers drove many of their creations, including the Eternal Fleet, the GEMINI droids and SCORPIO artificial intelligence into the Wild Space with their memory cores locked, preventing them from finding their way back to Iokath.[1] However, this proved only a temporary solution, as the Six Gods were eventually unleashed on Iokath, leading to eradication of all organic life on the world.[2] In the aftermath of the conflict, only one self-aware droid remained on Iokath - ARIES, who used other droids as slaves to remade the world in his image.[4]


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