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A species, the name of which had been lost to time, was responsible for the construction of the massive habitable sphere named Iokath.

History[edit | edit source]

Originating in the Unknown Regions millennia before the Manderon Period, the species's society was composed of scientists and engineers, who spend hundreds of years and countless design cycles designing and developing weapons of mass destruction. They then tested their designs on unsuspected worlds throughout Unknown Regions, gathering feedback data to further perfect their weaponry. Over their history, the species live-tested their weapons on over seventy unique worlds, often destroying the civilizations, eradicating sentient species or even destroying entire biospheres. Despite this, the species was not violent or expansionist in nature - when possible, they provided survivors with reparations to rebuild so that millennia later they could be tested again.[1]

The analysts and designers of the species answered to the Master Designers Council. Eventually, the Council announced commencement of Project Iokath, a massive undertaking with the goal to fabricate an expandable and adaptable home for the entire species that was also secure against any outside force. To that end, they picked an unremarkable star in the Unknown Regions and demolished every orbital body in its system down to the last asteroid, salvaging them for core elements. Those were used to create a massive self-sustaining ecosphere that completely engulfed the star, using 100% of its energy output. The massive habitat was named Iokath and since once completed it allowed no light from its star outside, the entire system became undetectable to the rest of the galaxy. Even then, the exterior defenses of the sphere made the inside biome virtually unassailable, while the inside modules could be altered and expanded as needed, giving Iokath creators complete control over their new home.[1]

As centuries went on, Iokath technology was developed even further. Their greatest creations included a massive Eternal Fleet acting in unison through the link of its GEMINI captains and the Old Gods - massive titan battle droids designated Izax, Scyva, Tyth, Aivela, Esne, and Nahut who wreaked havoc on four different planets, resulting in loss of over ten trillion lives in total. Such weapons were controlled by the interface in form of the thrones, sitting in which a user could issue commands directly. One such throne was at some point removed from Iokath and dubbed the Eternal Throne. The Iokathi also developed a vessel with the power to take down the Eternal Fleet called the Gravestone, advanced artificial intelligence in form of a long-extinct bipedal species called SCORPIO and a massive superweapon that could knock thousands in organic beings unconscious or dead over a radius hundreds of kilometers wide. Late in the species history, new weapon designs were no longer deployed on test worlds, their effectiveness instead predicted by simulations.[1]

The species faced its end when, as typical for organic beings, a dispute on Iokath led to a conflict that turned into all-out Iokath civil war, with both sides having access to multiple weapons capable of planetary-scale destruction. Suddenly, the most advanced weapons in the galaxy were turned against their creators. In an attempt to save themselves, Iokath engineers drove many of their creations, including the Eternal Fleet, the GEMINI droids and SCORPIO into the Wild Space with their memory core locked, preventing them from finding their way back to Iokath. However, it proved only a temporary solution, as one side eventually unleashed the Six Gods on Iokath, leading to eradication of all organic life on the artificial world. In the aftermath of the conflict, only one self aware droid remained on Iokath - ARIES, who used other droids as slaves to remake the world in his image.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Iokath species was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne. Later, Update 5.2 showed a centuries-old mummified body of one species' member.

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