Iolu was a Korun male Akk Guard from Haruun Kal during the Summertime War.

He had saved a Nick Rostu's life once during fire-fight.


Near the end of the Summertime War, he, the other Akk Guards, and Kar Vastor faced off against Jedi Master Mace Windu, Nick Rostu and the other Galactic Republic forces. During the Battle of Pelek Baw Iolu slaughtered many clone troopers with his vibroshields. At the end, he faced Nick Rostu alone. Rostu shot his arm almost completely off after Iolu got his vibroshield lodged in a wall. Rostu then used Chalk's heavy weapon to finish the Akk Guard. Unfortunately for Rostu, Iolu's shield cut a wound in Rostu's abdomen before Iolu died.

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