The ion pistol was a type of ion gun that fired ion energy instead of blaster bolts. This type of energy disrupted electrical systems, making it an effective weapon against droids, vehicles, electronic devices, and cybernetically enhanced creatures. It was designed to be much more portable and less cumbersome than the ion rifle. Unlike the ion rifle, this weapon could be operated one-handed. The weapon was typically available for a cost of 250 credits.[1]

Variants of the ion pistol included the ion stunner pistol which could disable electronic devices and security doors. Another variant was the DEMP Ion Pistol.

Jawas carried ion pistols to disable droids and other electronics during their scavenging operations.[3] A number of races, such as Jawas and Squibs, created ion pistols from scrap droid parts and blasters to assist in their capture of droids for refurbishing and selling. Often of shoddy quality, these weapon weighed considerably more than standard ion pistols and were said to have sometimes exploded in the user's hands.[2]



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