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This article is about the natural phenomenon. You may be looking for the ship.

An ion storm on Tatooine.

"The ion storms of Moorja have prevented the deployment of our standard battle-droid forces, but Neimoidian Gunnery Battalions, Gossam Commandos and Koorivar Fusiliers have consolidated to provide Moorja with cost-effective protective forces."
Shu Mai[src]

Ion storms were a space phenomena that could cause problems during space travel for the denizens of the galaxy.

Created by a release of magnetic energy within a star, ion storms were fast-moving bursts of plasma that radiated outward into the surrounding star system. They were considered dangerous, as they had the potential to wreak havoc on bodies unprotected by a magnetic field. Starships were particularly vulnerable and, as ion storms could knock out shielding and a ship's electrical systems (compare ion cannon), they were avoided wherever possible.

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