"It is tremendously valuable when refined. However, in its raw state, the mineral is highly combustible, liked a primed thermal detonator."
―Tech to Omega, on the qualities of ipsium[1]

Ipsium was a mineral found on the planet Ipsidon. It was highly volatile and combustible in its raw form, requiring a specific tool to extract, but was incredibly valuable once refined into a fuel source. The mineral was extensively mined by the Techno Union corporation during the Clone Wars, with several areas designated to mining across Ipsidon, while a spaceport served as a thriving hub for the ipsium industry until it was abandoned.

By around 18 BBY, the gang boss Mokko had taken over one of the Techno Union's refineries after they were forced out and continued the operation, selling ipsium to feed his miners while claiming it had degraded and hoarding the true profits and food rations for himself. Mokko's lies about the ipsium and actual income were discovered by the clone commando mercenaries Clone Force 99 after their job to mine ipsium had gone awry, and the group's shuttle was stolen by the miner Benni Baro, revealing it to his workers and ultimately killing the gang boss, allowing the workers to take over his operation.


"The mineral is far too unstable. Even the slightest friction around it can cause a destructive chain reaction."
―Tech to Hunter, while attempting extract ipsium[1]
Ipsium mining tool

Ipsium was a dangerous substance to mine, for its volatile and explosive qualities.

Ipsium was a crystalized mineral located on the planet Ipsidon that could mined and refined into a fuel source.[2] Naturally emanating a blue light[1] from golden-yellow deposits, the mineral was found in rich seams[2] covered in fossilized quartz situated underground in caverns and lakes. It was also an unstable and highly volatile and combustible substance,[1] equal in power to a thermal detonator,[2] able to be detonated and cause destructive chain reactions if mishandled, compromised in the mining process, or from the slightest amounts of friction. Although extraction operations were dangerous, ipsium could be safely mined with a specific device that was equipped with a drill and suction tube, which breached the quartz and siphoned the liquid crystal into a canister.[1]

Even when contained, ipsium was still potent enough to destroy rocky walls but required actions such as blaster fire to ignite. With scanning equipment, ipsium could be detected from energy readings that varied depending on the amount nearby. Following the refining process, during which the mineral was still volatile, ipsium became tremendously valuable[1] and worthy as a profitable business when selling.[2] Allegedly, the mineral degraded over time periods and extensive mining operations.[3]


Ipsium mining industry[]

"The ipsium's not degrading! You've been cutting us out and keeping the profits for yourself!"
―Benni Baro confronting Mokko, regarding the ipsium's alleged degradation[3]

The gang boss Mokko ran an ipsium refinery in the Imperial Era.

In the era of the Galactic Republic,[4] the planet Ipsidon was host to a spaceport located[1] in the northern territory.[3] The spaceport was a thriving hub for the ipsium mining industry but was later left abandoned and housed a graveyard of skiffs and other technology suitable for scavengers.[5] When the Clone Wars took place, fought from 22 BBY to 19 BBY[6] between the Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, the galactic corporation known as the Techno Union had established numerous mining areas and refineries on Ipsidon designated toward collecting ipsium. After the war ended[4] and the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire,[6] the Techno Union was forced out and left its mining operations.[3]

Before the Imperial Era, some individuals had carved out their own private mines aimed at mining ipsium for themselves, though some of them had been depleted of their minerals[1] and were aging by the Empire's reign.[3] By circa 18 BBY,[7] the gang boss Mokko had claimed one of the Techno Union refineries, continuing the lucrative operation and renaming it Mokkotown for himself.[4] With help from a crew of scrumrats, the gathered minerals were sold off-world and rewarded Mokko with food supplies and amounts of income, but had decreased the workers' wages from his claims that the ipsium ore was degrading. The workers were willing to serve the gangster for praise and rationed food as they contended for the position of "top earner" for sustenance. In truth, however, Mokko was lying about the ipsium's state and cuting the workers out to gain the true income and supplies for himself.[3]

Ipsium troubles[]

"My scans are not indicating a sizable presence of ipsium. Looks like Cid was deceived into purchasing an already depleted mine."
―Tech to Hunter, inside Cid's purchased ipsium mine[1]

Clone Force 99 approaches Ciddarin Scaleback's purchased ipsium mine.

Around that time,[7] the Trandoshan information broker Ciddarin Scaleback had purchased a mine in the northern territory and sent her mercenary clone commandos of Clone Force 99 to retrieve the mineral from within. Finding little traces of ipsium, however, the crew realized the mine was largely depleted before Scaleback bought it. Collecting what remained and about to leave Ipsidon with their quarry, the crew's shuttle, the Marauder, was stolen by the young miner Benni Baro and forced them to trek towards a spaceport. After being forced and trapped in another mine from a storm when their ipsium had blown the entrance shut,[1] the female clone[6] Omega had discovered vast amounts of ipsium and hoped to blast the way open, and later received help from her squadmate Tech.[1]

While extracting the ipsium, the two fell into an underground stream and were carried deeper into the cavern but were able to leave once fellow crewmembers Hunter and Wrecker brought their collected minerals and exploded an opening with it. Reaching the abandoned spaceport, the team unsuccessfully contacted Scaleback to retrieve them in several days, waiting for her until they traced their power droid Gonky to Mokkotown. Hoping they would retrieve their shuttle as well, the squad traveled to the refinery and found their ship was held under ray shield by the gang boss Mokko. Going against the gangster, Omega was sent to deactivate the shield while the squad reassembled the Marauder, but found the business' profit reports that revealed the ipsium had not degraded. Though discovered by the gang boss, the workers learned about Mokko's lies and that he hoarded the income, which ultimately resulted in his death, allowing the miners to continue the operation with equal shares.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Ipsium was introduced in "The Crossing,"[1] the ninth episode of the television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch's second season, which aired on February 15, 2023.[8]


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