Ir'khaim was a male Noghri and the Dynast of Clan Khim'bar.

The Noghri elder accompanied Grand Admiral Thrawn to Khabarakh's village outside Nystao when the former member of Imperial Noghri Commando Team 22 returned there after his failed mission to Kashyyyk to assassinate Leia Organa Solo.

Ir'khaim, though loyal to the Empire and his lord, the Grand Admiral, was defensive of his clan and of Khabarakh, almost engaging in a brawl with Rukh when the other Noghri admitted his suspicion that Khabarakh was hiding something.

Later, when Leia appeared before the Grand Dukha in Nystao, one of the assembled Dynasts, Vor'corkh, was hostile, but Ir'khaim said he would hear her out, inspiring a majority of the Dynasts to agree and overrule Vor'corkh.



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