Irateq was the manufacturer of the RQ 550C Dart Podracer. The Podracer was known for its extreme agility and acceleration, though as a trade off, the vehicle was very fragile and could wreck easily.[1] During the year 32 BBY,[2] the Podracer pilot "Bullseye" Navior favored the Irateq Dart and used it extensively on Podraces located on the planet Aquilaris.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Irateq was first mentioned[1] in the 1999[3] video game Star Wars Episode I: Racer, acting as the name of the manufacturer for the RQ 550C Dart Podracer, though in-game, the vehicle was commonly referred to simply as the Irateq Dart.[1] The company was also mentioned in the game's two strategy guides, though the company's backstory was not expanded on.[4][5]



Notes and references[]

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