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Irenez was a female Human who served second-in-command of Garm Bel Iblis' dissident Rebel group at Peregrine's Nest. Alongside her counterpart Sena she served as Bel Iblis' chief advisor. An attractive woman with short gray hair, she was middle aged by the time that Han Solo and Lando Calrissian met her at the base.


Irenez's association with Senator Bel Iblis began when he financed her education at the Imperial Academy. Following her graduation, she refused to join the Imperial Navy, instead she formed her own platoon of mercenaries and soldiers, remaining neutral between the Empire and the Rebellion. However, after Bel Iblis went into hiding following an Imperial assassination attempt on Anchoron, Irenez would join his movement to lead his ground forces.

In 9 ABY she was responsible for securing the secret meetings of Tav Breil'lya and Garm Bel Iblis on New Cov. Due to her picket lines Han Solo was intercepted when he tried to tail Breil'lya, as did Luke Skywalker when he arrived on New Cov to meet Solo. When Imperial forces raided Ilic to obtain drugs and medicines—a cover for the city's clandestine payments to the Empire—Irenez was ordered to help them return to their ships.

When Solo and Calrissian came to Peregrine's Nest, Irenez asked them to try to engineer a request from Mon Mothma for a formal invitation to join the New Republic, as she knew that Mothma was not seeking power for herself, and that Bel Iblis was too proud to go asking for an invitation. Irenez joined the New Republic with the rest of Bel Iblis' former forces.



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