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"Honor comes from slaying your opponent, and the true reward of any job is the taste of your foe's dying blood on your tongue."
―An Iridonian mercenary[1]

The Iridonians were a warrior people with a particularly bloodthirsty reputation. Most galactic citizens feared them, for it was rumored that they would continue to attack a corpse even after the target was dead and turn against each other in battle when their bloodlust overwhelmed them. The Iridonians were rivals to the Echani and Mandalorian cultures, and members of the species were found on such planets as Manaan during the Jedi Civil War, a period of galactic unrest between 3959 and 3956 BBY.

The amnesiac Jedi Knight and former Sith Lord Revan encountered an Iridonian mercenary on Manaan during the war. The armored warrior told Revan of his people's history before Revan continued on his quest for the maps that would lead him to the Star Forge superweapon of the Sith Empire.

Biology and appearance[]

"Are you deaf? I asked for Iridonian hearts! Not Rodian, not Ithorian! Iridonian!"
"What do you want me to do, put 'em back?"
"Try stealing a brain. You could use one."
―Two organ harvesters on Nar Shaddaa — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

The Iridonians were a sentient, humanoid species with opposable thumbs[1] and hearts.[2] An Iridonian mercenary found on Manaan wore full-body armor and was approximately the same height as the Human Revan.[1]

Society and culture[]

"Those savages keep hacking at a fallen foe even after death, mutilating the corpse out of pure blood lust."

Iridonian society was based on a lust for bloodshed and violence.[3] They held a traditional rivalry with the near-Human Echani species and with the Mandalorian warrior culture. The Iridonians dismissed the code of honor Echani held dear, while they despised the Mandalorians for prioritizing credits over bloodshed. Iridonian society's bloodlust was reflected by the words of a mercenary of the species, who told the amnesiac Jedi and former Sith Lord Revan that Iridonians did not have friends. That was evident in the eyes of non-Iridonians; one man reported that in the absence of a foe, they would turn on each other for the sheer thrill of bloodshed. They were believed to continue attacking opponents' bodies even after a victim's death.[1]

The Iridonians manufactured specialized weapons and armor for their own use, although for much of galactic history, those designs were officially outlawed. Such items commanded a premium, costing 1,000 credits more than a typical non-Iridonian example of that item, or 10% more for larger goods.[3]


"I even heard they'll turn on each other when battle fever hits. Who wants to work with someone like that?"

Iridonians were a rare sight in the civilized galaxy, even during the Jedi Civil War, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire beginning in 3959 BBY. By 3956 BBY, both sides in the conflict sought to recruit Iridonians to fight for their respective sides due to their reputation as powerful, if eccentric, warriors—a product of their cultural ethos of savagery. Revan encountered one such Iridonian mercenary on the planet Manaan. That gun-for-hire had been recruited by the Sith to gather youth of the Selkath species, native to the water planet, to the Sith Embassy for training in the ways of the dark side of the Force.[1] Because Iridonian weapons and armor were illegal in much of the galaxy, Iridonians faced discrimination when dealing with members of law enforcement agencies and other government organizations.[3] By the time of the Cold War, Iridonian hearts were traded on the black market by organ harvesters.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Oh…one [error] I noticed really early, but kept forgetting to point out…the Iridonian Manufacture gear template should be Iridorian Manufacture. With an R, not an N."
"Actually, it shouldn't. We were specifically instructed by LFL to call it Iridonian and that it was the KOTOR video game that was in error."
Rodney Thompson responds to a post on the Iridonians[src]

An "Iridorian" appears in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game produced by BioWare in 2003. The individual appears on the planet Manaan wearing full body armor, so his actual appearance remains a mystery. However, he does inform the character Revan, controlled by the player, of the history of his species.

Later, in 2008, the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide was released by Wizards of the Coast. It lists a gear template for "Iridonian Manufacture," which describes Iridonians as "a mysterious species known for their savagery and aggressiveness." The gear template gives Iridonian weapons and armor extra resistance to bludgeoning attacks and a bonus to certain attacks that emphasize brute strength.[3] This description matches that of the Manaan Iridorian, but not the pre-existing species known alternatively as both Iridonians and Zabraks, who are said to be a more peaceful species. This change, from "Iridorian" to "Iridonian," was confirmed to be deliberate by Rodney Thompson, one of authors of the Campaign Guide, who explained that Lucasfilm Ltd. stipulated the change and that it was "the KOTOR video game that was in error."[4]

Bao-Dur is referred to as an Iridonian in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords by G0-T0.



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