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"Negative. Whoever you are, the Iron Squadron doesn't run."
―Mart Mattin refuses to jump to hyperspace[1]

Iron Squadron was a squadron that used a YT-2400 light freighter known as the Sato's Hammer two years before the Battle of Yavin. The cell was led by Mart Mattin, who inherited the position from his father. During the Age of the Empire, they were an independent rebel cell that operated at Mykapo. In 2 BBY, Iron Squadron joined Phoenix Cell after the Galactic Empire imposed martial law on Mykapo.


The Iron Squadron, named after the historic Mykapo system planetary defense forces squadron of the same name to confuse Imperial Intelligence[6] was led by Mart Mattin's father, who was the brother of the Phoenix Cell's Commander Jun Sato. After he died, his son assumed leadership of the group. His crew consisted of the female Theelin Gooti Terez, the human male Jonner Jin, and the astromech droid R3-A3. They operated from a YT-2400 light freighter called Sato's Hammer.[1]


During the Age of the Empire, a small rebel cell emerged at the planet Mykapo called the Iron Squadron. The Iron Squadron was initially led by the father of Mart Mattin, a native of Mykapo. Following his death, Mart assumed leadership of the group. Operating from their freighter Sato's Hammer, the Iron Squadron harassed Imperial forces in the system. The group was isolated from other rebel cells including Commander Jun Sato's Phoenix Squadron. Sato believed the cell had perished after he lost contact with his nephew Mart.[1]

In 2 BBY,[4] the Galactic Empire imposed martial law on Mykapo and sent an advance patrol to the system. Iron Squadron clashed with the patrol and sustained damage to their ship's hyperdrive. Shortly later, the Spectres and the Phoenix Squadron arrived to evacuate rebel sympathizers on Mykapo. The Spectres' leader Hera Syndulla came to the aid of the Iron Squadron. Her VCX-100 light freighter Ghost destroyed several TIE fighters that had been attacking the Sato's Hammer. Despite their casualties, Mart declined the Spectres' offer of assistance and his ship destroyed the Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser, the command ship in the Imperial patrol.[1]

Satos Hammer and Phantom II

The Sato's Hammer

Following the skirmish, the Iron Squadron docked with the Ghost. Hera and her fellow rebels Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and the astromech droid Chopper visited the Sato's Hammer and found that the ship's hyperdrive and systems had been damaged. Hera and her comrades tried to warn the Iron Squadron that they had to leave because Imperial reinforcements would come. However, Mart and his crew refuse to leave Mykapo, which they regarded as their home.[1]

After Hera returned to the Ghost, Ezra convinced her to let him, Sabine, and Chopper stay behind for longer so that they could reason with the Iron Squadron. Ezra and his fellow rebels managed to win over Mart's crew by helping R3-A3 repair the ship's hyperdrive. Despite repairing the hyperdrive, Sabine and Chopper's efforts came to naught because Mart diverted the power to the ship's laser cannons and deflector shields. When Admiral Kassius Konstantine arrived with an Arquitens-class command cruiser, two Gozanti cruisers, and more TIE fighters, Mart wanted to take on the Imperials. However, Gooti and Jonner realized that they would not be able to take on the Imperials. Gooti, Jonner, and R3-A3 fled with the Spectres aboard the Phantom II while Mart stayed behind.[1]

Outnumbered and damaged, the Sato's Hammer was no match for Konstantine's forces and its engines were disabled. Mart managed to send a distress call that was picked up by the Spectres. At the urging of Commander Sato, Hera, her crew, and Iron Squadron joined forces to rescue Mart. Konstantine attempted to lure the rebels into a trap by planting a magno-mine on Sato's Hammer. However, Hera countermanded that by sending Chopper and R3-A3 to disable the magno-mine. After picking up Mart and his ship, the rebels reattached the magno-mine to a crate and dropped it over Konstantine's light cruiser, damaging the ship. Iron Squadron and the Spectres were aided by Commander Sato, who scattered Konstantine's forces.[1]

The Iron Squadron and their rebel allies then escaped shortly after Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived on his Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. Upon seeing the Chimaera, Mart and his comrades realized that they were seeing a Star Destroyer for the first time. They decided to pull their resources together and joined Phoenix Squadron. After reaching Chopper Base on the planet Atollon, Mart embraced his uncle and his crew Gooti and Jonner.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Iron Squadron made its first appearance in "Iron Squadron," the eighth episode in the third season of the animated series Star Wars Rebels.[1]



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