"Think Gundarks, but meaner."
Wes Janson[src]

The Irrukiine were four-armed sapients indigenous to Malrev IV. They were sometimes referred to as Irks.

They are believed to have been influenced greatly by the Sith Temple hidden within the forests of Malrev IV. They developed a strong sense of ownership over the temple, attacking anything that entered the vicinity of the ancient structure. However, a being who learned how to wield the Sith magic that emanated from the temple would have been able to manipulate them, such as the mad Devaronian Cartariun. He armed them with Imperial blasters for ground assaults and even motivated them to fly TIE Fighters in aerial combat. Even under Cartariun's control, the Irrukiine retained their volatile nature.




Irrukiine armed with E-11 blaster rifles.

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