"We might attain this planet with a show of force and by spilling a little Culroon blood, but not with a hollow ceremony."
"Nonsense, Lieutenant! Your Academy training has made you a tad bloodthirsty, that's all. One more word, Veers, and I'll have you riding a dewback on Tatooine!"
―Veers and Irrv[src]

Irrv was a male Imperial general.


"General, I do believe you owe me an apology."
"What I owe you, Lieutenant Veers, is a court-martial for disobeying my direct…"
―Veers and Irrv[src]

Irrv was a male military officer who supported the rise of the New Order when the Galactic Empire supplanted the Galactic Republic. His loyalty to the new regime ensured the Irrv was in position to receive a prestigious posting and high rank.[3] Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, Irrv held the rank of General, and was tasked by Emperor Palpatine with overseeing the subjugation of the planet Culroon III. Culroon III was a backwater world that had suffered through a succession of wars until a warlord named Kloff had used imported energy weapons to unite the people under his rule.[2]

At a command meeting, Irrv outlined his plan; a simple ceremony where Irrv and Kloff would exchange ceremonial weapons to signify Imperial rule over the planet. However, Irrv's plan was challenged by a Junior Lieutenant, Maximilian Veers. Veers had spent time on Culroon III with the research team while the Imperial garrison was being built, and had come to understand Kloff. He believed that Kloff would never accept the ceremonial surrender and asserted that a show of Imperial force would be better. Irrv disagreed, believing that Veers time at the Imperial Academy had left him bloodthirsty. He issued Veers with a demerit and confined him to base.[2]

Irrv and his senior officers attended the ceremony in dress uniform, with a legion of stormtroopers carrying ceremonial weapons under the command of Commander Grath. Irrv presented Kloff with a Naval sword, which the Culroon accepted then sheathed into the general's aide, Colonel Jeffers. At Kloff's signal, his warriors attacked the assembled Imperial forces. Irrv ordered the stormtroopers to form a defensive perimeter around him, but their ceremonial weapons were no match for the weapons wielded by the Culroon. As the Imperial force was steadily worn down, Lieutenant Veers entered the fray, commanding his All Terrain Armored Transport. He skilfully countered the Culroon threat, making them turn and run at the sight of the imposing war machine while Commander Grath rallied his forces and regrouped with Veer's walker. As Irrv reached the walker, Veers offered the general a chance to apologise. Irrv started to berate the lieutenant, threatening him with a court-martial, until Grath executed the general and subsequently promoted Veers to the rank of major.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Irrv was a loyal adherent to the New Order, but his loyalty meant that he was given a position and rank that was beyond his abilities.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The West End Games' sourcebook Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back makes an indirect mention to Irrv, as the "foolish general" who almost brought the Culroon III campaign to ruin.



Notes and referencesEdit

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