The Isen system was in the Outer Rim Territories. It consisted of the highly radioactive star Isen, the single planet Isen[2] with its five moons,[3] and three asteroid belts.[2]

The system was located several hours hyperspace travel from Celanon.[4]


By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Isen system was in its birth throes, with a still forming star and an endless sea of rock in orbit. Imperial survey teams designated four rough orbits in the supposition that these areas would eventually hold planets. The gas giant of Isen was forming. The system was constantly bathed radiation emanating from the new star, and the asteroid debris made the system difficult to navigate.[2]

These factors made the system the ideal location for a pirate base, leading the Void Demons pirate gang to construct a hidden base on the planetoid Isen IV, fourth in orbit about the gas giant Isen.[2]

Due to the actions of the Void Demons, Isen IV became the site of several wrecked starship hulls. The asteroid was also home to the morvak, unusual rock-eating creatures that were transported to the planetoid by one of the ships captured by the Void Demons.[2]



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