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"And I figured I'd just take her as co-pilot tomorrow on that mission to Ison."
Han Solo[src]

Ison was a cold, desolate planet in the Ison system,[1] and little more than an obscure waypoint on the dangerous Ison Corridor.[2]

Largely considered devoid of any real planets, Ison and the Ison system itself were little more than a dense debris field surrounding the system's white dwarf star.[2] Large nebula wisps from the corridor encapsulated and suffused the system at differing densities,[2] making travel in and around the system an extremely risky venture; this more than anything else contributed greatly to the system's obscurity.[2][3] It was calculated by the Outer Rim HazNav (an agency that charted stellar dangers to hyperspace and sublight navigation), that the wisps would entirely close the system off in several centuries, making the system virtually impossible to enter.[2]

Despite the danger the debris field and wisps presented, Ison, rather than Anoat, was used by the Rebellion to approach Hoth in order to minimize their chances of detection by Imperial forces.[2]

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The map published with Star Wars Gamer 5 indicate Ison was a tropical planet, which contrasts with the image published in The Official Star Wars Fact File that portrays Ison as a cold and desolate planet.

Both of these images further contradict The Essential Atlas and the Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin (the only two sources that describe Ison in any great detail), which describe Ison as a debris field surrounding the system's White dwarf, devoid of any planets.

These discrepancies ultimately appear to be resolved in the canon events of Star Wars: Uprising, where debris field and planet are both mentioned in detail.



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