Issan Len was a cyberneticist in Cloud City on Bespin who created the prototype droid X0-X1, in an experiment to create a droid that could self-reprogram and manage the myriad administrative functions of a space station. X0-X1 took control of Cloud City upon its activation, and forced the protocol droid F-3PO to kill Doctor Len, despite F-3PO's misgivings.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Issan Len first appeared in the West End Games roleplaying adventure book Crisis on Cloud City. He was later mentioned in The Official Star Wars Fact File 54, but was spelled erroneously as "Lem."



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. In Lando Calrissian's entry in The Official Star Wars Fact File 54, the murder of Issan Len in Crisis on Cloud City is mentioned to have occurred before EV-9D9's rampage through Cloud City. That even was referred to in Idiot's Array, which was stated to have taken place in 1 ABY according to The Essential Reader's Companion.
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