"It Takes a Thief" is a story from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 6. It features Saesee Tiin and Na-Jia.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Jedi Master Saesee Tiin sits in a bar on the snow planet Diado, taunted by the local gang leader Birok for being a newcomer to town. Showing his strength by publicly humiliating Birok, Tiin is pulled aside by a girl named Na-Jia, who promptly steals his lightsaber. Demanding his weapon back, Tiin provides the girl with 600 credits and then makes his way down the street, where he is surrounded by Separatist droids almost immediately. Although he fights valiantly, a droid still manages to sneak up behind the Jedi. He is saved when Na-Jia unexpectedly returns, shooting the droid in the back. Tiin is ensnared by a rope flung from the back of Birok's speeder and dragged around town. The gang leader, not considering how useless a rope is when compared to a lightsaber, is awestruck as his "captive" escapes and defeats Birok's men. More droid reinforcements arrive, however, and Tiin is captured once more, along with Na-Jia. The Separatist officers, believing Na-Jia to be a Republic spy, take her in for questioning. Na-Jia, pretending to have a fainting spell, falls on top of an officer holding Tiin's lightsaber, and manages to snatch it. With the help of a weapon, the two are able to escape and steal a starfighter, which Tiin uses to distract the Separatists while Na-Jia escapes. Blowing apart the balcony where Birok and his Separatist friends are watching the goings-on, Tiin turns his guns upon the station's power core. His mission completed, the Jedi returns home, smiling as a purple-haired figure waves to him from the snow.

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